Cryptocurrency Pre-Sale CT Global Coin

Cryptocurrency Pre-Sale CT Global Coin

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Christian Traders began their partner only Pre-Sale Saturday 11/11/17. Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, it is being billed as the “Cryptocurrency for the Global Christian Community”. Unlike many Carl Sagan coins, Christian Traders part of CT Global Media, decided that dilution via Billions and Billions of coins was not the direction the community wanted to pursue.

CT Global Cryptocurrency
Prosperity for God’s People


There are only 1 million coins in existence and that is all there will ever be according to a company spokesman. CFRN Partners have the remainder of the week to complete their purchases. Phase 2 will open the market to members of the CFRN Community at large. Tune in to the Daily Live Broadcast @ 12 ET for the Phase 2 date and time. CFRN also streams the Live Broadcast at . By December 1st the Pre-Sale will open to the general public.

A quote from the Founder of CT Global Media “Many of us missed the Internet boom. Some of us missed the Real Estate Boom. Right or wrong, we will not miss Cryptocurrency. We are facing an opportunity with the potential to become the greatest innovation in the history of money. We are Pioneers in the Digital Age of Currency. Cryptocurrency. Our community is global and our demographic one of the most sought after by retailers worldwide. Make no mistake, CT Global is not a security, it is a store of value token. We have been discussing Bitcoin on CFRN for a number of years. As this brave new world unfolds and CT Global rolls out… I hope you’ll join us (on the journey and on the radio).”

The common belief held by community members is that no matter what happens to any one single cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and distributed ledger are here to stay. The future is now. Welcome to Ground Zero.

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